Fund Raising


• A fundraiser that requires minimal effort and promotes itself

• Low financial risk to the club with no minimum order


• An initiative that involves those players who do not typically

participate in fundraising projects

• An opportunity to secure new club sponsors with a

prepared proposal template to simplify the process

• An event that attracts exterior social circles that are normally

difficult to reach

• A programme that creates a great atmosphere throughout

the club before, during and after the calendar is launched

• A fantastic revenue raiser for the club

• The structure of the programme can be tailored to suit the

needs of your club

The Common Man™ originated from the first Common Man Calendar™ that was produced in 2007 by a group of school mates who unintentionally embarked on a
social experiment that gathered more exposure than they ever imagined. For details on how your sporting or social club can produce a Common Man
Calendar™ Fundraiser; complete the form below.

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