Father’s Day Gift Idea: Common Man Undies & PJs

Yes I have effectively been in hiding for almost 3 years and fatherhood has played a significant role in that.

Father’s Day therefore seems like a fitting time to resurrect my profile.

My new website is the perfect place for partners of new fathers or sons & daughters looking for a quick, easy and different Fathers Day Gift – Common Man Trunks & Common Man PJs.

That’s right…..I have heaps of stock and it’s about time I cleared it all.  Go to www.commonman.com.au and get your Dad a unique Father’s Day Gift.

Buy Dad the COMMON MAN SET – ONLY $25 Inc GST (1 Black Pair & 1 Grey Pair of Common Man Undies as well as 1 Black Pair and 1 Grey Pair of Common Man PJs)

COMING SOON: Common Man Blog

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