Father’s Day Gift Idea: Common Man Undies & PJs

Yes I have effectively been in hiding for almost 3 years and fatherhood has played a significant role in that.

Father’s Day therefore seems like a fitting time to resurrect my profile.

My new website is the perfect place for partners of new fathers or sons & daughters looking for a quick, easy and different Fathers Day Gift – Common Man Trunks & Common Man PJs.

That’s right…..I have heaps of stock and it’s about time I cleared it all.  Go to www.commonman.com.au and get your Dad a unique Father’s Day Gift.

Buy Dad the COMMON MAN SET – ONLY $25 Inc GST (1 Black Pair & 1 Grey Pair of Common Man Undies as well as 1 Black Pair and 1 Grey Pair of Common Man PJs)

COMING SOON: Common Man Blog

New Common Man Website & Blog

I am proud to launch my new Common Man Website & Blog.

The Common Man website gives you access to my undies. And you can also get into my PJs because they are nothing to be ashamed of.  If you need to raise some cash for your club I have an idea for you…..get into my undies and make a calendar.

The Common Man Blog is going to post commentary on various events, topics and activities of the Common Man.  Things like…

  • How to tackle the 100km Oxfam Trail Walker
  • Where to get the best steak in Melbourne
  • Would I get a six back if I did 200 sit-ups a day for 2 weeks?
  • How to tell your wife you expect dinner on the table when you get home…ouch…haven’t worked that one out yet!!!

If you have topics, questions or theories you would like me to explore, let me know and I will check them out.